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Where grandparents share their stories of growing up and growing old

About the Project

A few years ago, I decided to interview my grandparents for a sort of oral history archive, something to look back on in years to come. I was one of only a few of my friends to know all four of my grandparents into my adulthood.

Like many well-intentioned plans, the idea to record the stories of my maternal and paternal grandparents fell by the wayside. Over the next few years, I would visit them without a recorder in-hand.

In 2020, my world, like everyone else's, suddenly looked very different. I was living in a pandemic, yes, but I also lost my paternal grandmother suddenly. All I could think about in the days after my final visit with her was the typical stuff one contemplates after someone dies: the holidays and life events you will now have without them, the memories, the things you will never have a chance to ask.

So I decided it was time for me to record my grandparents' stories and collect others in the process. Thus, The Grand Project podcast was born. 

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A Listen for Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

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Meet Your Host,

Kitty Janvrin


Hello, I'm Kitty, the creator and current host of The Grand Project. When I'm not behind the mic, I am a marketing professional. I've always loved storytelling, and one of my strongest convictions is that everyone has a story to tell.

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